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Luxurious interior highlights in fur.
Our woven furs are 100 % natural pure luxury for your home collection. The furs are suitable for covering material in upholstery and furniture, as material for exquisite cushions and blankets, as warm and cuddly eyecatchers for floors and
walls or for the individual beautification of individual furnishings. Your customer‘s favorite pieces of furniture are transformed
into unique precious items.Whether in the private living room or in office and business premises, our unique alpaca and mohair quality fabrics help
you set artistic accents or develop living collections and complete lifestyle concepts.
For people looking for something special.
Our furs are among the most precious natural hair resources in the world and can be employed in practically any area. They can be put to versatile use in the interior decoration of a private jet, yacht or that special motor car. Whether the
interior decoration or upholstery is completely covered with a fur or only individual accents in the form of cushions, wall coverings or similar are desired, the incomparable character of our handcrafted furs creates an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.


Make nature dreams come true.
The secret of our exceptional materials is the weaving system. The valuable natural hair is vertically woven into a basic cotton weave of warp and weft. A three-dimensional fabric is created in such a way that it reflects the character of a genuine fur. Fine natural hair woven furs are a gift of nature and not available in unlimited quantities. Every individual fur is a lovingly produced unique object.Our furs, manufactured in handcrafted workmanship, permit us to respond totally to the desires of the customer with respect to color, thickness and size. Our genuine hair furs are not only beautiful but also robust and extremely long-lived.