Alpaca – Inca Gold
In this world there are very few things, which have succeeded in retaining their uniqueness and rare quality over centuries. As early as the Inca era, the rare and highly sought after precious hair of the alpacas was measured in terms of gold.

The rare animals live in the mountain valleys of the Andes at heights of up to 4,000 metres. In order to protect them from the radical changes in temperature between day and night they possess a light and extremely robust coat.

Due to its exceptional properties, alpaca hair ranks amongst the finest and most exquisite forms of raw textile material offered by nature. It distinguishes itself by being particularly fine, having an extremely long fleece, which is slightly wavy and exceptionally soft. Not a single animal needs to lose its life for this precious hair to be won! The herds are carefully shorn by the Indios only once every two years and this is done by hand. Only the best raw materials in unadulterated natural colours are suited for the usage in the specialised spinning mills from whom we purchase our alpaca thread in order to make them into the most exquisite woven throws for our fabric collections.

Mohair – A sense of safety and well-being somewhere between heaven and earth
The first inhabitants, who lived in the Himalayas, regarded the Angora goat as a heavenly creature that came down to them from the clouds. And to this day there still lingers a remnant of this mystery surrounding the history of this natural fibre. The unbelievable properties of this fine and exclusive fibre are indisputable. They are the sum total of a development in which nature has been involved for thousands of years. Nature is feeling. You have the sensation of holding something precious.

Mohair is nature and to a certain degree fulfils a yearning always with a continual promise of more. Quality to life. It has a long life span, is naturally barely inflammable and retains its elegant silky sheen for many years. Mohair has everything that an exclusive fibre requires.